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Wheat is used principally for human consumption. It is converted into flour for the production of bread and other bakery products. It is used as “chapatti” (unleavened pan baked bread) in India. Wheat belongs to the genus Triticum and there are over 30,000 species and varieties. The principal wheats of commerce are the common or bread wheat (T.aestivum); macaroni wheat (T.durum) and club wheat (T.compactum).

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Wheat types: Wheat types may also be classified as hard or soft, and as strong or weak.

‘Strong’ wheats produce large loaf volume, good crumb structure and good keeping qualities. Such wheats have a high protein content. Hard wheats are thus employed for the production of flour for making bread.

‘Weak’ wheats have a low protein content and form only a small loaf with coarse crumb structure. The flours of weak wheats are good for biscuits and cakes, although unsuitable for bread-making.


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