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New varieties of Groundnut Importance of Medicinal Plants Fertilizer Management in Banana and Turmeric Prevention of Disease Occurrence in Livestock
Value added products in Fishes Kangayam livestocks Uses of Herbals Services of Agriculture Department
Mealy Bug Management in Mulberry Medicinal plants cultivation First aid for Livestock Paddy seed production
Disease Management in Turmeric Poultry Farming Selection of Best Quality Goats Organic Farming in Maize
Grafting of Mango Seedlings Rosemary Cultivation Sunflower Cultivation Solution for Poison Baiting in Livestocks
Care and Management in Calves Vaccination for livestock Care of Management of Pregnant cows Disease Management in Banana
Turmeric cultivation Arecanut cultivation Maintenance of Nursery Diseases of Goats
  Role of Forestry Genetics in Trees cultivation    

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