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Storage godown and their maintenance


Seeds undergo deterioration due to aging in storage. This is accelerated by climatic factors and external biotic factors like insects and pathogen. In addition to seed borne pathogen and storage insects, seeds are damaged by birds and rats for their feed. Clean and hygienic godowns protect the seed from external insects and preserve the seed. Hence care should be taken in construction of godown. The points to be noted are as follows.

  • Seed godown should be in a place where transport facilities are easily available.
  • Seed godowns should not be constructed in areas near seashore. Since the high RH of atmospheric air accelerate the deterioration of seed.
  • Seed godown should not be constructed in low lying water stagnating areas.
  • Seed godown should be constructed in places where atmospheric RH is low, free circulation of air is possible, sunlight is adequate and elevated in nature.
  • The ventilators should be at bottom for free air circulation.
  • Ground moisture should not reach the floor.
  • Should be rat proof with wire mesh
  • Should not be near industries as smoke is injurious

Seed storage godown

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