Seed Storage :: Packing Materials

Storage containers

(1) Moisture previous
  • If seed store has facilities for controlling temperature and relative humidity, than permeable containers can be safely used for orthodox seeds, for several years, provided that pests can be excluded. eg., cotton bags, paper cardboard, fibre board.

(2) Moisture impervious
  • After drying the orthodox seeds to correct moisture content, seeds can be placed in sealed moisture proof containers.
  • This avoids extensive dehumidification requirements. Long term storage is most effective when moisture proof containers are combined with controlled low temperatures provided by refrigeration.
  • This method has an added advantage of exclusion of oxygen. It is not suitable for recalcitrant seeds, however ego 700 gauge polythene bags.
plastic bags

(3) Moisture resistant
  • They include polyethylene or other plastic films and aluminum foil. These are resistant to the passage of moisture but over a long period of time, these will be a slow passage of water vapour tending to equilibrate the relative humidity inside and outside the container.
  • Polyethylene is not suitable for long-term storage of orthodox seeds for genetic conservation, because there is no absolute control over moisture uptake by the seeds. It Is very much suitable for short or medium term storage and has give excellent results.

Source: Training manual on seed management

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