Seed Storage :: Structures

Types of storage

Seeds can be stored in bulk or in bags

(a) Bulk (open) storage

It is preferred over bag storage for the following reasons

  • Large quantities of food grain can be stored
  • No difficulty in loading and unloading of grain
  • No need to purchase storage containers like gunnies
  • Insect incidence is less than bag storage, even this can be eliminated by fumigation in situ
  • Avoids waste from leaking bags
  • Easy inspections- saves labour and time.

(b) Bag storage
  • Commodities are mostly stored in gunnies. Storage in bags requires considerable labour, but the minimum investment is enough on permanent structures and equipment. The storage in  bags has the advantage of being short-term storage.
  • Bag storage can be done under a roof alvanized iron sheets, a plastic covering where grain is intended for very early onward  movement. Bags can be easily handled for marketing purpose.
  • There is no sweating of bags as they are arranged in racks with proper interbag space, but, initial cost is high and they can easily pickup infestation and retain even after treatment.

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