Seed Storage :: Structures

Storage structures used by the farmers

Gunny bags Mud and earthen structures
  • Gunny bags of different capacities (35, 50, 75 and 100 kg) with or without inside plastic lining
  • Mostly used for short term storage
  • Generally farmers prefer gunny bags for storage of farm cary over seeds
  • Clay, straw and cow dung- 3:3:1. Earthen structures are made, sun dried and then burnt in fire. Used for storage of Paddy, wheat, sorghum,oil seeds and pulses.
  • Life 8- 10 years. During rainy season develop cracks and moisture absorption followed by insect and mould infestation.
  • Capacity is 5 to 10 q
Bamboo structures Wooden structures
  • Split bamboo woven in the form of a cylinder with wide base and narrow mouth
  • Used for the seeds of Paddy, wheat and sorghum
  • Life 4-5 years. Weight loss due to insect attack is 5 % in paddy and 15 % in sorghum.
  • Capacity is 500 Kg
  • Local wood is painted black. At the top, 30 cm x 20 cm in let and at the bottom 30 cm x15cm outlet is provided
  • Life15- 20 years. Neither airtight nor moisture proof.
  • Used for stoage of paddy seeds with the capacity of 10 q


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