Seed Storage :: Purpose


Stages of Seed Storage

  • The seeds are considered to be in storage from the moment they reach physiological maturity until they germinate or until they are thrown away because they are dead or otherwise worthless.
  • The entire storage period can be conveniently divided into following stages.
  • Storage on plants ( physiological maturity until harvest).
  • Harvest, until processed and stored in a warehouse.
  • In - storage ( warehouses)
  • In transit ( Railway wagons, trucks, carts, railway sheds etc.).
  • In retail stores.
  • On the user's farm.

The practice of storing the seeds starts from the ancient days itself, following simple and cheap techniques e.g. Placing the seeds in salt, red earth treatment to red gram etc. But the same practices are not hold good for the present day agriculture, because

  • large quantity to be stored
  • exchange of varieties and species
  • exchange of genes
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