Seed Village


 II. Establishing seed processing unit

Post-harvest seed handling is a vital component of the total technology in marketing available good quality seeds of improved varieties. If the seeds arenot processed and handled properly, all the past efforts in production may be lost. Thus seed processing and packaging is very important aspect in seed production..! The location of seed processing centers is based on the available infrastructure and convenience. Such a place will be well connected with roads and transportation facilities. Each seed processing center will have the following infrastructure. 

  • Seed garden cum clearer

  • Bag closer, trolleys, scales and furniture

  • Building to house equipment

  • Seed storage structure

  • Seed threshing and drying yard

  • Information center

         The information center will have internet facility to provide access to information on seed demand and market trends, agriculture market index, weather forecast, plant protection measures etc.,

Updated On: Jan, 2016
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