Seed :: Vegetables :: Brinjal
June - July.

Seed rate

450 g/ha.

Nursery preparation

Nursery is drenched with Metham sodium @ 28ml/sq.m.(VEPAM) 15 days before sowing for controlling the nematodes and after 7 days of sowing , drench with Fytolan @ 2.5 g/lit of water against damping off disease.

Age of seedling
30 - 35 days

Basal: FYM: 25 t/ha ; 50 : 75 : 75 kg NPK/ha
Top dressing: 50 kg N/ha just before flowering.

75 x 60 cm.

Foliar application:

 At 65 and 75 days after transplanting ,NAA @ 20 ppm is sprayed against flower drop.

Seeds attain physiological maturity 40 - 45 days after flowering. The symptom of harvestable maturity is turning of the skin colour from green to bright yellow. Medium size fruits yield more quantity and quality seed than big or small fruits. Fruits harvested in the first five pickings alone can be used for seed purpose.

Seed extraction:

The well-ripened fruits are cut into 4 – 6 pieces and softened by soaking in water overnight. On extraction the floaters are removed.

Seeds are graded with 5/64" round perforated metal sieve or BSS 12 x 12 wire mesh sieve (2.1 mm).

Seed Yield
250 kg/ha

Seeds treated with carbendazim 50 % WP @ 2 g /kg seed or  halogen formulation (Bleaching powder + CaCO3 + arappu leaf powder @ 5:4:1) @ 3 g/kg seed can be  stored upto 1 year in cloth bag and upto 2 years in moisture vapour proof containers.

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