Pest Management :: Mulberry Silkworm





Type of damage

  • Mature maggot causes reduction in yield of cocoons and cocoon quality. 
  • Causes death of silkworm larva.


  • Presence of creamy white oval eggs on the skin of larvae in the initial stage.
  • Presence of black scar on the larval skin
  • Silkworm larvae die before they reach the spinning stage (if they are attacked in the early stage).
  • In later stage, pierced cocoon is noticed.

Period of occurrence

  • Throughout the year, severity is more in winter months


  • Maintain sanitary and hygienic conditions in the rearing room.
  • Provide physical barriers like wire mesh in the doors and windows of the rearing rooms.
  • Spray 1 per cent benzoic acid over the larvae to kill the eggs of uzi fly.
  • Dissolve the uzicide tablets in the water (2 tablets/l) to attract the adults.
  • Release the gregarious, ectopupal hyperparasitoid, Nesolynx thymus (Eulophidae: Hymenoptera) @ 1 lakh adults/100 dfls during night hours. Release the hyperparasitoid in three split doses @ 8000, 16,000 and 76,000/100 DFLs during fourth and fifth instars and after cocoon harvest.
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