Sericulture Technology :: Young Age Silkworm Rearing


  • In a tray of 120 cm x 90 cm x 105 cm size, 20 dfls are brushed and reared upto second stage.

Selection of leaves

  • From brushing to the end of second age, the larvae are fed with tender leaves.
  • The leaves are selected from the largest glossy leaf, 3rd or 4th from the top.
  • The next 6 to 8 leaves are used to rear the young age worms upto II moult.
  • The size of the chopped leaf is around 0.5 to 1.0 during 2nd age.
  • Illustrate with the help of a figure, the selection of leaves from a fully grown branch.

Leaf preservation

  • Silkworm grows best when fed with succulent leaves which are rich in nutrients and moisture.
  • The leaves, if not preserved properly, dry up and become unsuitable for feeding.
  • The harvested leaves must be preserved in fresh condition in a wet gunny cloth.
  • If the climate is too hot and dry, the leaves are preserved in a leaf chamber which is lined with gunny cloth. 
  • The cloth is kept wet by spraying water at frequent intervals.


  • It is the process of removing the silkworm excreta and left over leaves in the rearing bed
  • In the first age, one cleaning is given just a day before the worms settle for moulting.
  • In the second age, two cleanings are given, one after resuming feeding and the other before second moult.
  • A net with mesh size of 0.5 x 0.5 cm is spread over the rearing bed and feeding is given.
  • The worms crawl through the net and come to fresh leaves.
  • The net along with the worms and leaves are transferred to another tray.
  • The left over leaves and litter are discarded.


  • At the time of moulting, care should be taken not to disturb the worms.
  • Correct detection of moult and stopping or resuming feeds are very important for uniform growth of silkworms.
  • During moult, the rearing bed should be kept thin and dry by applying lime @ 30 – 50 g/m2 and should have proper aeration.
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