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Post Cocoon Technology

Presently, silk is produced mainly using three reeling technologies namely Charka, Cottage basin / domestic basin and Multiend reeling technology in the country. About 50% silk produced is of Charka and about 35 to 40 % is of cottage basin and small quantity is from multiend reeling.

Due to inherent inadequacies in charka, it is not possible to produce good quality silk. Even though the cottage basin produces better quality silk compared to charka, it still falls short of international grade.

The main reason why charka is still dominating is that the bulk of raw silk produced is used by handloom sector, wherein the cost factor of raw material has to be kept low. Poor quality cocoon can only be reeled economically on charka. 

In order to achieve better reeling performance, following have to be considered
1.   Casting of cocoons to be such to have raw silk of uniform denier
2.   The broken end during reeling has to be knotted to improve the winding  quality.
3.   Water has to be changed after it becomes turbid to improve reeling performance and colour of the silk.
4.   Water quality has to be maintained to get clean silk.
5.   Motorised charka to maintain uniform reeling speed and reduce labour cost is must.
6.   CSRTI economic oven reduces fuel cost.
7.   Drying during reeling to reduce gum spots is important
8.   Silk waste should be stretched, dried and stored properly.  

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