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Success Stories ::Agriculture - 2013
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1 Active research work in organic fertigation
1 Management of thrips in garlic
1 Water jetting: an eco-friendly pest management technique in mulberry
1 Device to remove insect pests from stored grains
1 A portal in which the A to Z of farming is just a click away
1 Some control measures for managing eriophyd mite
1 Control of moths in stored grains
1 Farmer groups in Kerala run their own markets, eliminate middlemen
1 Some management tips for mulberry thrips
1 System providing organic manure is environment friendly
1 Tips to manage late blight in potato
1 New red kernel groundnut variety developed
1 Novel way to irrigate fields using plastic saline bottles
1 Role of insect light trap in organic agriculture
1 Some tips to enhance SRI rice yield
1 Farm ponds play big role in tiding over droughts
1 Bacteria can help farmers use less potash
1 Click and cultivate: Internet shows the way
1 Madhya Pradesh farmers turn seed producers to enhance income
1 Agro bio pharmacy concept well received by Kerala farmers
1 Self-propelled wetland direct rice seeder
1 Bio control agent to control tree infestations
1 Organic cultivation: learning from the Enabavi example
1 Not all weeds are harmful, some have beneficial properties too
1 Mutation breeding of oil seeds, pulses and cereals
1 Cutting fodder costs by adopting an innovative method
1 Conserving the nearly extinct navara red rice organically
1 A sustainable model for small and marginal ryots
1 Survival of small farms crucial for food security
1 Creating a transparent market for cotton growers
1 Organic farmer shows the way in paddy cultivation
1 Harnessing plant, animal and human waste as effective inputs

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