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Dt. 09.03.2017: TNAU Weed Science Bags Best Centre Award

Dt. 08.03.2017: Women Have Greater Responsibility to Change Human and Humanity – says TNAU VC

Dt. 08.03.2017: Training on “Value Added Products from Tomato and Papaya”

Dt. 07.03.2017: Promote Farmers to Farmers Technology Delivery through KVK

Dt. 06.03.2017: Blood Donation Camp conducted by Blood Donor Club at FC&RI, Mettupalayam

Dt. 06.03.2017: TNAU Institutes A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Post-Doc Fellowship

Dt. 02.03.2017: TNAU offers Training on Bee Keeping

Dt. 01.03.2017: More Crops per Drop of Water Mantra to increase water use efficiency – TNAU VC Says

Dt. 28.02.2017: TNAU Student bagged National Award for Best Students of the year 2016

Dt. 20.02.2017: National Level Agribusiness Management meet-Prabandhaz 2017 in TNAU

Dt. 16.02.2017: National Symposium on “Applications of Radioisotopes and Tracer Techniques in Agriculture and Environment”

Dt. 16.02.2017: National Conference on Agrotechnology and Profitable Marketing of Tropical Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in TNAU

Dt. 15.02.2017: Training on “Commercial Production of Vegetable and Fruit Products”

Dt. 08.02.2017: Training on “Value Added Products from Amla”

Dt. 06.02.2017: Technology Suited for Self Employment”

Dt. 06.02.2017: Genesis of Green Thrust

Dt. 02.02.2017: Training on “Value added products from Millets”

Dt. 01.02.2017: TNAU offers Training on Bee Keeping”

Dt. 26.01.2017: Republic Day celebrated in TNAU

Dt. 24.01.2017: Training to Tribal Farmers on Organic Cultivation of Samai

Dt. 23.01.2017: Banana will Fetch Remunerative Price

Dt. 19.01.2017: Training on “Value Added Products from Amla”

Dt. 18.01.2017: National Workshop on Cost of Cultivation Scheme at TNAU

Dt. 09.01.2017: One day Training on Mass Production of Biological Control Agents

Dt. 06.01.2017: Price of Sunflower Seeds will Remain Stable during Harvest

Dt. 06.01.2017: Training on "Novel Bakery Products"

Dt. 04.01.2017: TNAU offers Training on Bee Keeping

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