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Resource Management :: Soil

  icon Soil - An Introduction
  icon Soil Groups of Tamil Nadu
  icon Soil Types of Different Agroclimatic Zones
  icon Characteristics of Fertile Soils
Soil Testing
  icon Alternate analytical technology (AAT) for soil
  icon Soil Testing- Need
  icon Soil Sampling Procedure
  icon Soil Testing Laboratories in Tamil Nadu
  icon Soil Testing Services of TNAU
  icon Soil Rating Chart
  icon Soil Health Card
Soil Related Constraints ant its Management
  icon Management Technologies
  icon Industrial Water Utilization for Land Reclamation
  icon Trees and Crops suited for Problem Soils
  icon Remote Sensing
arrow Soil Moisture Indicator
arrow International Year of Soil-2015
arrow International Year of Soil-2015 - Resolution adopted by the General Assembly on 20 December 2013
arrow District Soil & Watershed Atlas
arrow Soil Maps for Selected Blocks of Tamil Nadu
arrow Symphony of the Soil
arrow Indian Institute of Soil Sciences, Bhopal
arrow TNAU - Vermicomposting in Silpanulin Bag
arrow TNAU - Analytical charges
arrow Indian Society of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning

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