The Multimedia based interactive advisory system besides images and videos, has a strong voice component which is unique and the voice component can be developed in multiple regional languages.

Most importantly, it provides an interactive customized advisory to the farmers via experts / extension workers through mobile phones. The experts / extension workers advise the farmers based on farm specific data available from the database and information about market behavior on another database as well. Further, as soon as the call materializes, the CLI (Caller Identification) from the mobile phone would be used to display the information on the experts screen; further, the display itself would be designed to be non-obtrusive (similar to what is done in call centers today). The project does not involve developing of content (except getting farmers data on to the database). It involves farmers to get in touch with experts / extension workers on mobile phone and information about the farmers plot and market information being made available to the expert while the interaction is going on.


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Awareness cum technical workshop was held at the project site, Morappur, Dhramapuri on 21.02.2012