Yellow Dwarf
(Mycoplasma Like Organism)

  • The infected plants are stunted and have yellowish green to whitish green leaves. There is excessive tillering and leaves became soft and droop slightly.
  • Root growth is also reduced significantly.
  • Chlorosis occurs on the leaves occasionally even spreading to the leaf sheaths.
  • Streaks may also form parallel to the leaf veins.
  • If plants are infected early they usually die before maturity, and even if they do survive no panicles are produced or only a small number with no grains.
rice_yellow dwarf Yellow dwarf( Mycoplasmal Disease of Rice)
Rice Yellow Dwarf Yellow dwarf
(Mycoplasmal Disease of Rice)


  Identification of pathogen
Aquareovirus particle of rice dwarf virus Phytoreovirus_virion Mode of spread
  • The Mycoplasma Like Organism is transmitted by Nephotettix virescens and N. nigropictus with a latent period of 25-30 days.
  • It survives on several grass weeds.
Aquareovirus Particle of
Rice Dwarf Virus
Phytoreovirus Virion


Management Strategies  
  • Deep ploughing during summer and burning of stubbles.
  • Rice varieties like IR62 and IR64 are resistant to the disease.
  • The management practices followed for Rice Tungro disease may be adopted for this disease also.
  • Avoiding early-planted rice will prevent an increase in vector density and proportion of infected vectors.
  • Planting fallow rice fields with non-vector hosts, ploughing fallow paddy fields, and late-planting, synchronous planting, or avoiding an over-lap of early- and late-planted rice crops.

IR64 ploughing
IR64 Ploughing